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Game News
Hey all and Welcome to the home of Rent An Apocalypse!

    Since this site is just coming online, and the guild still needs to expand a bit more, it is a little on the light side.  But, I will give all our current members, and future fans, out there a nice little intro into who we are, what we do, and where we are going!

Rent An Apocalypse:

    Currently we are a small group of friends.  We love playing together, and would like to share that joy with all the other Guardians on Faeblight (even if they are not in the guild).  We have big plans, but are a casual group, so this is more of a grass roots movement towards awesomeness!

    If anyone is interested in joining, just start up an account, and/or try to find us in game!  (Check out the Roster Page for who to message.)

What we do...

As the name implies, we are pretty much for hire.  PvP, PvE, RP, what ever you're into, we are too!  Normally we just like to help out the Guardians on the server and be bad ass.  Think you're up for the job?

Where to?

Currently, we are trying to find enough dedicated people to get into Raiding.  (We are more then willing to train folks up for the job!)  In the long run, we want to start up Server RP events, World Raids, and general mayhem!  The Guardians have it tough on Harrow, so we want to bring a little more fight into the community, and show our dedication to the Shard!
Guild News

Guild Shard Move!!!

Paganlust, Dec 12, 11 8:54 PM.
The Move

Since Harrow, our original Shard, was put on the disabled list...we have now moved to our new home on Faeblight!

The Guild has already been moved over, and all of the previous members that follow us to the shard, will still be in the Guild with us.  The G-bank and everything has been transported, so the only thing left is for everyone else to pack up their things, pull what you had up on the Auction House, grab your mail, and get your butts over here!

A little on the new Shard:  The population is a LOT higher then on Harrow, it's actually interesting to see a ton of people just walking around Sanctum and joining together.  So far, it's been a very positive move, and a few of us have even gone Raiding with another Guild.  All in all it's a good place, and I hope everyone that joins us again will enjoy it as much as we have so far.


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Paganlust, Oct 26, 11 8:16 PM.
As promised, by the end of the day today, and if you are reading this period, the Rent an Apocalypse Guild Page will be going live!

What's that mean for you?

A one stop shop for all that info I can't simply put into the Guild Messages Everyday!  A place to post on topics in our forums, a database of our achievements (no matter how few there are right now), roster, DKP, photo sharing, the list goes on and on.  All things Rent An Apocalypse related, and more info and details then you ever may have wanted to know!
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